Why do people struggle to get in shape?

Unsustainable diet plans are the core reasons why the general population fail on their diets. Eating well to get in shape does not need to be complicated or boring. Our job is to bring back the joy into eating healthy, provide meals plans that you can stick to, without the hassle of meal prepping. Consistently eating well over time equates to results.

The Nutrition Kitchen Solution

350+ Delicious Meals

Live your life full of flavour, without the guilt. Enjoy local favourites to all time classics.

Delivered Daily

Convenience from start to finish. Save hours with healthy, chef prepared meals ready in 3 minutes

Specific to You

Find the best meal plan for your goals within our wide selection of ranges and sizes

“Delicious, convenient and delivered on time every morning ... 5 stars!”

“Delicious, convenient and delivered on time every morning ... 5 stars!”

Over 3.5 MILLION Meals Served

Look No Further

2 days ago

If you’re not feeding the body well the mind can’t focus or work properly. I trust NK to keep me fuelled properly

Maria Brusuelas

Amazing Variety!

5 days ago

The fact that they give you a meal from different corners of the world makes the experience even more enjoyable

Barbara Mendes

Fantastic Quality

6 days ago

Fantastic quality and a good variety of meals. The regular low carb meals are very filling and helped to shed 3kgs so far in 3wks

Jonathan Williams

Problem solved

13 days ago

All their menus are yummy. Saves me from shopping, cutting, cooking time every time I order with Nutrition Kitchen

Vivian Lau

We have transformed 1000’s of lives

Manoj, Lost 12kg

"Following the macros and staying within the amount of protein and fat and carbs I need and staying within my calorie deficit, makes it where it's not short-term anymore. I can see myself doing this forever."

Katherine, Lost 15kg

"I just enjoy what Nutrition Kitchen has done to help me go through my journey. It helped make my nutrition decisions easier through understanding calorie counting."

Alex, Lost 17kg

"My bodyweight went from 103kg to 86kg. That’s a total of 17kg lost! With the combination of weight training and Nutrition Kitchen’s macro dialed meal plans, my body started responding almost immediately."

How It Works

Choose your meals

Choose your meal plan and the length of your package

We Cook & Deliver

Cooked to perfection by our chefs and delivered to you daily

Heat & Eat

Delicious, protein packed, calorie controlled meals ready in 3 minutes


Keep the health train going. Join us again and start to see amazing results.

Check out our top rated meals

Southeast Asian Chili Prawns

with Baby Choi Sum, Sliced Peppers & Onions

Tandoori Chicken

with Cauliflower, Green Beans, Roasted Onions, Palak & Mint Yoghurt

Classic French Beef Bourguignon

Sausage Baked Penne with Sautéed Zucchini and Spinach Walnuts

Sliced Beef Tenderloin & Poached Eggs

with Spinach, Mushrooms, Roasted Tomato, Chimichurri

Nutriton Kitchen vs Others

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Chef Prepared
High Quality Ingredients
High Protein
Approved by Nutritionists
Delivered Daily
Ready within 3 minutes

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