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"I could get my protein and vegetables without having to THINK about what to eat"

Joe Leung
Protein + Small Balanced

"Nutrition Kitchen is a life-saver, with guaranteed healthy and tasty meals arriving at my door daily!"

Nika Lopez
Small Balanced

"I've been enjoying Nutrition Kitchen food for a few months and they're by far the freshest and tastiest with heaps of variety!"

Regular Balanced

"Having a healthy diet doesn't mean that food has to be boring."

Small Vegetarian

“One of the best things about Nutrition Kitchen is how many vegetarian options are available. The meals are super tasty!”

Ken Bek
Regular Vegetarian

“The food around where I live is not healthy, Nutrition Kitchen is the perfect solution!”

Rosita Lam
Small Balanced

"Nutrition Kitchen made it so easy to stay on top with the shred, in an easy, convenient and super tasty way!"

Small Low Carb

"Healthy meal delivery made it so easy!"

Small Vegetarian

"Diet was my missing piece. NK helped me shed 12kg."

Regular Low Carb

“Nutrition Kitchen is the trifecta of meal prep and is super convenient for when I am on the go. Combined with a new fitness programme, I've lost over 4 kgs. I am finally stabilising in weight”

Kat Leung
Small Low Carb

"Regular training and NK's delicious, healthy meals - so simple"

Regular Low Carb

"These meals have been an absolute lifesaver. No more prep, no more mess. Sticking to healthy nutrition is finally doable"

Small Balanced

"Every meal is so flavourful and full of nutrients"

Small Balanced

“Nutrition Kitchen has saved me money and time while instilling great habits”

Marion De Sousa
Small Balanced

"Nutrition Kitchen has really helped me achieve my goals. The variety of dishes stands out in comparison to other meals plans. I can't recommend Nutrition Kitchen enough to anyone trying to achieve a fitness goal"

Anand Singh
Regular Low Carb

Frequently asked questions

Where does the food come from?

At Nutrition Kitchen, we have full control on our meals, ranging from sourcing, preparation and cooking. Our meals are prepared in a state of the art kitchen by chefs trained professionally in technique and hygiene.

What kind of food do you offer?

We offer a wide range of cuisines ranging from Western to Indian to Thai to Middle Eastern food. Our philosophy is that the key to sustaining a balanced macronutrient diet is to keep it fun and exciting. Nobody wants to live off of plain chicken breast and steamed vegetables forever.


All our meals are delivered inside a thermal bag. We’ll charge a refundable deposit per order to cover the cost of these bags, which will be refunded upon successful return of all bags after you’ve received all of your meals.

Meals are delivered on a daily basis Monday-Friday. You’ll have the opportunity to choose between multiple delivery windows, determined by your location (but broadly before or after 8am). 

When placing your order, you’ll choose the first day you want to receive meals. As long as you order before our 12pm cut-off, you’ll be able to receive your first meals in 2 days time.  

By default, we will deliver food for a minimum of 5 consecutive workdays up to a maximum of 20 consecutive workdays. However, you may choose not to receive meals on any given day. Simply remove the meals from the chosen day before placing your order.

You may also choose to only have one meal on certain days. For each day you only have one meal, we will charge a small daily delivery fee of 5 AED to help cover our logistics costs.

When using our services to order food delivery, you are receiving the services of a self-employed (independent contractor) delivery driver/ runner.

No deliveries during public holidays.

Change and cancellation policy

We will try to accommodate any change or cancellation requests, however this will be at our discretion. Refunds will be transferred back to the PayPal account or credit card that was used to place the order. There will be AED 50 admin fee for any cancellations.

72 hours prior notice required for any changes, or else refund will not be applicable. Changes should be requested by 12 noon 3 days in advance.

Please email us at or WhatsApp us on +971 52 732 5544.

Can I modify the dish to accommodate my allergies and food preferences?

It is not possible to remove certain ingredients from our dishes, and unfortunately we won’t be able to accommodate allergic requirements or additional food preferences. 

If you'd like to avoid a certain ingredient, you can remove the meal by select 0 next to the meal (the meal will not be charged or delivered).

How do you calculate your macros?

Our macros are calculated using macro nutrients on raw ingredients in our customized macro calculator. Our macro data comes from

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