4 Diet Tips to Lose Fat as Fast As Possible

4 Diet Tips to Lose Fat as Fast As Possible

4 Diet Tips to Lose Fat as Fast As Possible

  • Eat Protein and Veggies with Every Meal

If fat loss is your goal you need to stop associating breakfast with cereal, and lunch with a sandwich or a bagel.

For the quickest fat loss results you need to base your meals around protein (preferably animal protein), 100g of green vegetables (e.g. broccoli) and healthy fats (e.g. avocado). Meals made up of these three elements will suppress your hunger and in turn, you will reduce your daily calorie intake.

Our suggestion: Meal frequency isn’t magic however regular meals work. Eat four meals per day, spread out equally. These regular meals will manage your hunger and cravings making it far less likely that you’ll reach for sugar laden treats to sustain you.

  • Low Carbs vegetables for every meal

During a fat loss phase low-glycemic vegetables will be your primary carbohydrate source. Incorporating more low-glycemic veggies such as broccoli will mean your body will not rely on glucose as fuel and your body will, therefore, burn fat instead.

An additional advantage is that low-carb vegetables are very nutritious and contain a great deal of fiber that helps your digestive system by feeding the good bacteria in your gut as well as making you feel fuller.

List of low-glycemic veggies to use:









Green Beans




Bok Choy

  • Make sure you’re in a calorie deficit!

If you are eating more calories than your body is burning each day then you will be gaining weight – there are no two ways about it. If you are looking to reduce weight and body fat then you must be in a caloric deficit. Many of you won’t know what your basal metabolic rate is so please use the following equation:

Body weight (lbs) x 11.5

e.g. 200lbs x 11.5 = 2300 calories per day

For this example above to be in a caloric deficit and in turn to lose weight and body fat then our recommendation is to start dieting on 2100 calories (200 calories less than they are burning per day)

  • Stop drinking juices, sodas, and alcohol

You might imagine that the fruit juices in the supermarket are a healthy choice but in reality the opposite is true. For example, the popular orange juice, Tropicana, contains 23g of sugar and 110 calories per 250ml . Of course in a fat loss phase, we are looking to eradicate sugar and keep our calories at bay, so this drink would be one of the worst choices we could make.

Alcohol also has no place in a fat loss phase. Alcohol will lower your metabolism (how fast you burn calories) and also cause inflammation (the more inflamed your fat is the harder it is to lose)

Our suggestion: Stick to water, tea, and black coffee.

If you are looking for the most convenient fat loss diet look no further than our Low Carb meal plans. We offer Regular and Small Low Carb diet plans that will incorporate all of the points we have discussed above (High Protein, Low Carb, and Healthy Fats). We designed these plans with fat loss in mind and each meal has been planned carefully to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible, as fast as possible.

We suggest for female fat loss you opt for the Small Low Carb plan and for male fat loss, Regular Low Carb.

Get your fat loss journey started and dine with us next week.

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