7 Ways to Keep on Top of Your Fitness Resolution

7 Ways to Keep on Top of Your Fitness Resolution

The holiday season is over and you have just about survived. A hectic, stressful couple of weeks, but also an amazing time of the year to spend valuable time with family and friends

When the dust settles and life begins, work is about to start up again and life goes back to normal, you, like thousands of others, may take up a health and fitness New Year’s Resolution.

Statistics of fitness related new year resolutions are dreadful. Gyms will be crowded the first week of January but empty come the end of February.

Why are fitness resolutions so unsuccessful?

Here are a couple scenarios why you might fail:

  1. You have three kids to run around after, taking them from school to dance class, then back home to feed them…. You simply don’t have enough time to stick to your new fitness plan.
  2. It’s a new year and work is as busy as ever. Your workload is piling up and you can’t prep your healthy meals for the day or make it to the gym after work.

Life is never straightforward or in our control. Life is complicated, messy and unforeseeable, which means failure is inevitable…. UNLESS you plan achievable and slightly flexible goals in advance.

Things to do to stay on track with your fitness resolution:

  1. Eat food you enjoy

Dietary compliance is the key to gaining your result. Compliance will be achievable if you enjoy the food you are dieting on. Pick the healthy food sources you love and enjoy your meals.

  1. Ensure you have prepared food

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. We have all heard this phrase and it holds much truth. If you fail to prep your meals for the day you will more than likely end up making poor food choices, buying snacks from Starbucks that hold minimal nutritional value. Get ahead of the game and get prepared.

  1. Eat protein for breakfast

Start your day right with a high protein breakfast. Protein takes longer to digest and will keep you feeling fuller longer, helping to avoid that mid-morning sugary granola bar.

  1. Be as active as possible

Burn additional calories by getting up and walking throughout the day, rather than being glued to your seat. Whether you walk to work instead of jumping on the tram or take the stairs instead of the elevator…. every bit counts.

  1. Have accountability with your diet

Log your diet plan every day to ensure you are staying on course. If you a tracking everything you are eating, you are more likely to try not to eat any junk (We suggest using the app ‘myfitnesspal’)

  1. Aim for continuous improvement

Getting fit is a gradual process. Set yourself daily targets in the gym (e.g. I will run 5 minutes more today or I will squat 5 KG heavier today). Accumulating these small wins will result is a great result by the end of the process.

  1. Get dietary help

Hong Kong kitchens are small and time is limited. If you can’t prepare your meals, then a meal plan is your best bet to staying on track. We created Nutrition Kitchen with you in mind. We have created 4 meals plans to fit everyone’s goals. See more info here goo.gl/tM5jyA

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