How to Lose Body Fat Despite Constant Travel

How to Lose Body Fat Despite Constant Travel

How to Lose Fat Despite Constant Travel

Every time you build some momentum with your exercise and fitness regime you get sent on another work trip which disrupts everything and you're tired of feeling like you're back to square one. It doesn't have to be like this. Over the course of this article, we'll show you some tried and tested strategies for staying on track so that you come home in better shape than when you left.

Travel Tip 1: Preparation

Plan ahead and don't leave anything to chance. Inevitably on business trips, there will be one or two occasions where you're expected to be sociable, however, this doesn't mean that the entire trip is a write-off.

Preparation starts way before the flight.

If you have control over your choice of the hotel then choose one with a half decent gym so that you can continue to work out on your trip.

Contact the hotel ahead of time and research nearby restaurants that will be able to prepare food for you. Plenty of major cities offer dedicated healthy meal plan providers so get in touch with them ahead of time and have food delivered to your hotel or office for the duration of your trip. (Nutrition Kitchen Singapore has recently launched so get in touch if you're heading there from Hong Kong!)

You should be able to ensure that at least 2 of your meals are taken care of each day. Breakfast at the hotel buffet- be restained here- and a couple of healthy meals delivered to you should take care of the majority of your nutritional needs whilst leaving some calories spare for a drink or two if needed.

Travel Tip 2: Packing

Make sure you take a few protein shakes with you- in the event that you get caught out you can make a very easy meal. There are some decent meal replacement powders on the market that contain protein, fibre and a greens powder blend all in one.

Remember to pack your training kit- you're going on a business trip, not a holiday- so its business as usual as far as your workouts are concerned. If there are no gyms nearby then grab a couple of resistance bands and take them with you- for a maintenance workout, these will more than suffice.

-Resistance Bands- take a couple they're small and lightweight

-Glute Band- for guys and girls, these really work and will ensure that you get a good workout for even the most limited hotel gym.

Travel Tip 3: The Flight

Don't overindulge in the lounge. Having a few pre-flight drinks establishes a precedent for the trip.

I would generally advise that you avoid eating plane food. It's not particularly nutritious and you'll be better served packing your own meal, having a shake, or simply fasting during the flight.

Stay off the booze during the flight, drink plenty of water. This is obvious but will make a large difference.

Travel Tip 4: Eating Out

Choose the restaurant whenever possible. Preferably somewhere you've researched ahead of time.

Order first, we're all remarkably susceptible to peer pressure. When you order first you remove this potential influence.

Lean Protein and veggies should be the foundation. Restaurants are in the business of flavour, you can rest assured that they will be adulterating your food with oil and butter regardless of the order. Err on the side of caution go heavy on protein- the most satiating macronutrient- and eat a load of veggies.

Plan non-compliant meals ahead of time, if you know that you'll be entertaining and will have little control over the venue then allocate more calories to these meals. This means pulling away calories from the rest of the week. In practice, this is relatively simple and doesn't require much number crunching. Simply focus on eating the basics- lean protein and vegetables during your other meals and your calories will automatically be lower.

Travel Tip 5: Training

If you train with a PT they should be able to put you in contact with someone reputable. If you workout at F45 or a Crossfit box then you shouldn't have much difficulty in finding a place to train wherever you are in the world.

Here is a quick hotel gym workout using minimal equipment:

A1. DB Push Press 8 reps

A2.DB Romanian Deadlift 8 reps- 10 minutes alternating back and forth resting as needed, accumulating as many sets as possible

B1. Alternating DB Lunge- 5 reps on each leg

B2.Single Arm Db Row- 5 reps on each arm- 10 minutes alternating back and forth resting as needed, accumulating as many sets as possible

Finish this off with 10-15 minutes of aerobic intervals on the stationary bike (15 seconds work: 45 seconds off) for short, intense workout.

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