Interview with NK Customer/Ex Pro Rugby Player, Nick Seymour

Interview with NK Customer/Ex Pro Rugby Player, Nick Seymour

Thanks for speaking to us today. We know you have just moved to HK, how is life adjusting to the city so far?

Life is good. I moved here from Rouen, France so to say it has been a shock to my system would be an understatement. I’m loving the vibrancy of the city and it’s been great so far.

We gather you used to play Rugby professionally, who did you play for?

I did. I retired from professional rugby this year, but I have played all around the world. I was with Waikato Chiefs in NZ, Worcester Warriors in England and Rouen RFC in France.

How are you keeping in shape post rugby?

Being in a professional set up for so many years you are on a diet regime to help performance and recovery. Fortunately, I still enjoy going to the gym, so I train four times per week, predominately weights but a little cardio here and there. And of course my diet is has been taken care by Nutrition Kitchen.

You have been on NK for a little over a month now. How has the service been so far for you?

It’s been fantastic. I had some reservations about what my diet was going to be like before I moved here, but being introduced to NK has meant I have never had to worry. Being in professional sports for so many years I understand the importance of good nutrition and it’s such a relief to have a reliable service to count on. Besides from this, the food tastes great (favourite dish is the Tandoori Salmon), I get the food to my door at home and I don’t have to slave over the stove.

It seems as if we may have freed up some of your time…. What do you do now with this spare time on your hands?

Yes, 100%. I’m able to work on my startup more, hit the gym more and have more time to socialize with my new group of mates.

Who would you recommend our service to?

Busy men or women who appreciate good food and want to live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

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