The Nutrition Kitchen Perfect Day Blueprint

The Nutrition Kitchen Perfect Day Blueprint

Want a result? Here’s what an ideal day should look like according to Nutrition Kitchen founders Josh Li and Pete Fisher

6:30 AM- Supplements and Lemon Water

“I like to take supplements on waking in the morning, Curcumin and Fish Oils are both powerful anti-inflammatory agents and genuine superfoods that assist with body composition, health and brain function.”-

“Why Lemon water? The main reason is I like the taste. I was advised to do it by a former coach when prepping for a competition and I’ve just kept it in my routine. Some people say it has an alkalizing effect on the body but I haven’t seen much evidence for that.”- Josh

7:00 AM-Breakfast

“I always opt for a high protein, high fat, and low carb breakfast. Typically this is either a Nutrition Kitchen breakfast with an additional fat source or I’ll throw together some scrambled eggs with whatever leftovers are in the fridge.”

“I’ve tried a higher carb breakfast but it doesn’t really suit me, I feel sluggish and sleepy so I prefer to keep carbs until later in the day.”

“Coffee is mandatory of course and provides a valuable source of antioxidants and a shot of caffeine pre-workout.”- Pete

Sustainable Pre-Workout Stack

As an additional pre work out boost try adding a teaspoon of cocoa powder to your coffee. Cocoa contains theobromine, which has a very similar chemical make up to caffeine and will have a synergistic effect.

You can also try adding in some L-Tyrosine. This amino acid is a precursor to the Neurotransmitter dopamine, which governs reward and motivation. Taking a small serving of L-Tyrosine alongside the Modified Mocha combo will get you motivated for the gym.

8:00 AM – Time for the Gym!

Most people should be looking to get the greatest return from their training sessions. This means using full-body training rather than body-part splits. Each body part receives multiple bouts of training per week and this approach is easier for most busy people to fit into their lifestyles.

A1. DB Row 3x10-12 rest 60 seconds
A2. 45 degree Back Extension 3x10-12 rest 60 seconds

B1. Flat DB Press 3x10-12 rest 60 seconds
B2. DB Squat 3x10-12 rest 60 seconds

C1.Standing DB Hammer curls 3x12-15 rest 45 seconds
C2. Lying DB Triceps Extensions 3x12-15 rest 45 seconds

D. Finisher 6x30 seconds Assault Bike 60 seconds rest

The exercises can be tweaked based on the level of complexity that is required and the individuals training priorities.

9:30 AM - PWO Shake

“Post Workout is one of the few times we would recommend a heavily processed food, the primary reason for a post workout shake is convenience. If you’ve trained with some intensity it can be hard to stomach food straight away after the workout.”

“Having a protein shake is a fast, easy and convenient way to ensure that you’re meeting your daily protein goal and means that you don’t have to worry about eating again for a few hours.”

Walk back to the office for some extra activity and a dose of Sunlight.

12:00 PM - Lunch

For Lunch, we want to ensure a decent sized serving of protein to help repair the muscle damage we accrued during training. Not only will the protein help repair lean tissue it will help to manage hunger levels as well. There is overwhelming evidence that protein is the most satiating macronutrient.

As well as protein we want a good-sized serving of vegetables. Fortunately, the Nutrition Kitchen meals fit the bill on both counts.

12.30 - 1 PM NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

NEAT includes all of the movement we make in our day to day lives that isn't formal sport or exercise. An easy way to ramp up your NEAT levels is to commit 30 minutes out of your lunch hour to walk around town. Your daily target should be 10,000 steps per day, but the important thing is to do more than you are currently. One caveat is that if you have enough time to spend walking for 2 hours per day you should probably commit to a more formal cardio session to maximise your efficiency.

4 PM – Snack

This is typically when people feel low and reach for unhealthy convenient snacks at work. Fortunately you've had a highly satiating lunch so you aren't succumbing to the usual cravings.

If you still want something to snack on then try a punnet of blueberries- relatively low in calories these are packed with antioxidants and will help to curb any sweet cravings.

6 PM – Take the active way home

Walking home will help reach your daily steps target and further increase your NEAT levels. In addition it will help you to decompress from the stresses of the day.

7 PM – Dinner + Supplements (Fish Oil, Curcumin and Magnesium)

“I prefer to bias my carb intake towards the end of the day so Dinner will always contain a decent serving of carbs. For most clients, I’d advise that they follow a similar approach as it makes sticking to the diet easier.

It makes sense to allocate more calories to the evening when you might have social engagements with friends and family.

Typically I’m having a Nutrition Kitchen Regular Balanced Meal.

This evening I had Chipotle Salmon with Tomatillos served with Brown Rice and Black Beans.

We’ll take the same supplements as in the morning but we’re adding some magnesium to the mix. Magnesium is a potent anti-inflammatory and can help a lot of people to relax pre-bed. It is amazing for heart health most people are simply not consuming enough in their diet.

8:00- Blue Light Curfew

Electronic screens interrupt the production of melatonin, strain your eyes, and disrupt your circadian cycles, frequently leaving you with a poor night of sleep.

9:00 PM Pre Bed Snack

‘Pre-bed snacks are a great option for some people as they replace a potentially hazardous opportunity to eat junk with a planned snack, if you’re in a calorie deficit it can make a world of difference to compliance if you have a pre-bed treat to look forward to.”

“I’ve played around with a variety of pre-bed snacks in the past and there are lots of approaches that work however typically shoot for a high protein, high volume option”

Cottage Cheese and Frozen Berries with Cocoa Powder
Greek Yoghurt with a scoop of Protein Powder and a Tablespoon of Honey
Oats and Whey

Play around with different Carb options- some people do better on fast releasing carbs versus slow releasing carbs. You can measure your blood sugar response to different foods- Rob Wolf has an excellent book "Wired to Eat" about how to implement your own testing procedure.

Carbs before bed will help produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which will make you feel sleepy and help you to relax.

10.30 PM Bedtime

Try to make sufficient time for sleep. If you're sleep deprived you wont be aware that it is impacting your performance but it almost certainly is. And, just because you feel that you're coping well in the short term doesn't mean there wont be long term repercussions to sleep deprivation.

Sleep has a tremendous impact on how your body partition nutrients during a calorie deficit. If you're sleep deprived then you're more likely to lose lean tissue rather than body fat. As if that wasn't bad enough you'll also wreak hormonal havoc on your body, specifically Leptin and Ghrelin the hormones which regulate appetite will be severely impacted by lack of sleep. You'll find it much easier to stick to your diet if your sleeping well!

So that's Josh and Pete's view as an ideal day. With food being the key player, ensure you have the meals planned for next week.

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